We believe that home ownership is still at the very heart of the American dream.

The Contour Construction Story

At Contour Construction Co., we believe that home ownership is still at the very heart of the American dream. At the heart, where hard work shapes itself into a comfortable place for family and friends to gather, and where children grow and where memories are cherished for a lifetime. Our sense of pride and commitment to quality is apparent in every home we build. After being in business for more than a quarter century our core philosophy remains the same. One home, one buyer, one dream at a time.

From this heritage of integrity, quality and excellence has evolved a time-proven philosophy of customer service. When you have chosen a Contour Construction Co.custom home, you have made to us a significant commitment of your judgment, resources, and happiness. You will always be treated with the respect such a commitment deserves. We accept full responsibility for the quality of your home. We stand behind it. No excuses. Each Construction Company custom home represents a significant investment of our time and resources. Obviously, it will be a substantial portion of yours. Therefore, the highest quality and value is our mutual goal.

Meet Our Staff

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